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Our philosophy is that the permanent peak performance our patients seek is best achieved when functional exercise becomes a part of life. We provide our patients with the techniques, tools, and facilities to make this a reality.

Our goal is to empower our patient with a life-enriching program that only begins with their physical therapy experience. 

Our approach is driven by the fact that the number one predictor of injury is previous injury not necessarily in the same area of the body or on the same side. 



Preferred Fitness Center


Fitness Programs For Men & Women

     Our facilities are designed to meet the needs of both the physical therapy patient AND the fitness customer. We believe that providing affordable physical fitness is just as important as providing physical therapy. This is why each office is equipped with a complete line of fitness equipment.





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You may be able to begin rehabilitation therapy without a doctors referral.

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Homer and Peggy NewOver the last two years my wife and I have had a hip replaced, a worn out knee that needs replaced and lower back pain from sciatica. The professional staff at Tri-State Rehab Services has been outstanding. We no longer have any pain from the three problems mentioned earlier. This is due to their physical therapy. We exercise weekly through the Preferred Fitness program as prescribed by our therapist to maintain our bodies and prevent future problems.
Alma WebbIn May I started having pain that ran down my left leg. After have a MRI my Doctor told me the cause was in my back, and had me try several different kinds of pain pills. None of them helped any. I couldn't walk without being in pain. My Doctor talked to me about going for therapy. Well I was ready to try anything. I started checking places out. Everyone I was recommended the Louisa Physical Therapy and Fitness. I started going there in July. I found that I received great care. The staff is great. They know what they are doing. My therapy is completed. I walk everyday without pain. I don't take any kind of pain pills. I still try to go and work out as often as I can. I don't want to ever get that again if I can help it. I feel great now and I think them and the good Lord for that. I would recommend them highly to anyone.
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