Celebrating 20 years of Healing Our Community!

Mission Statement

Our philosophy is that the permanent peak performance our patients seek is best achieved when functional exercise becomes a part of life. We provide our patients with the techniques, tools, and facilities to make this a reality.

Our goal is to empower our patient with a life-enriching program that only begins with their physical therapy experience. 

Our Approach is driven by the fact that the number one predictor of injury is previous injury not necessarily in the same area of the body or on the same side. 

We believe that in response to pain and trauma the body develops compensatory movement patterns to protect and allow for continued function. This dysfunctional movement must be reversed prior to the completion of the rehab process. 

We utilize an effective full body screening process to detect these compensatory patterns and employ techniques and strategies to reverse dysfunction prior to discharge. 

Our screening process along with our fitness centers blended with our physical therapy centers set us apart from our competitors and we believe offers our patients the best chance of long term success and limit re-injury or new injury occurrence.