Celebrating 20 years of Healing Our Community!

How can you tell if the Dimaggio Low Back Pain Program is right for you?

Do you or someone you know suffer from:

  • Constant or even occasional back pain?
  • Tingling, burning, painful sensations or numbness extending in your arms, legs, feet, or hand.

Then the Dimaggio Low Back Pain Program is for you!

We follow specific question-based feedback to initiate, progress and finish your personal program with the goal of returning you to your normal pain-free life.

ABC Grading Outcome Scale
Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale

Rating Percentage Symptoms
Excellent 51% or higher Complete abolishment of all symptoms
Good 30-50% 50% or more reduction in both symptom frequency and average symptoms
Fair 10-29% 50% or more reduction in either symptom frequency or average intensity
Poor 9% or less Less than 50% reduction in symptom frequency and average symptom intensity

To date, our patients have reported these ABC Outcome responses:

  • 91% responded to treatment
  • 81% with good or excellent outcomes
  • Over 1 to 3 year period the reoccurrence rate for patients responding was 2.3%