8985 Ohio River Road
Wheelersburg, OH 45694

Phone: (740) 456-6666
Fax: (740) 456-6660

Physical Therapy Hours:

Mon. – Fri. 8 am to 6 pm

The staff was attentive, encouraging, & respectful. This is my second injury that has been treated here. I always refer everyone here if they need rehab. I am hoping that I have no future reasons to return, but if I do I am encouraged that my injuries & concerns will be successfully addressed. Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf.

Wheelersburg, OH

Wes Lauderback, PT, MPT Director of Wheelersburg

Where you are from? Minford, OH

Where you went to college? PT degree is from The Ohio State University

How long you’ve been a therapist? A total of 23 years (5 as a PTA & 18 as a PT)

How long you’ve been at tristate? Since the beginning of 2020

Why you like being a therapist? I like helping people, trying to restore their quality of life back to them.

Ryan Walker, PT

Randy Ratcliff, PTA, ATC