Pickleball Common Injuries and Remedies

Pickleball has swiftly emerged as the fastest-growing sport in America, captivating enthusiasts of all ages. Its rapid rise in popularity can be attributed to its inclusive nature and appeal to a broad demographic. However, as with any sport, Pickleball is not without its risks. Common injuries in Pickleball often include strains and sprains, particularly in the lower extremities, as players engage in quick lateral movements on the court. Additionally, overuse injuries such as tennis elbow can occur due to the repetitive nature of swinging the paddle.
We are gonna give you some solutions to help prevent the most common ones found within the game.

Overhead injury involving shoulder

Typically related to poor shoulder mobility & decreased rotator cuff strength.

Tennis/Golfer Elbow

Likely Cause: overuse of wrist while using paddle.
Remedy: wrist flexibility exercises & forearm strenghtening.

Back/Hip Pain

Likely Cause: Limited hip mobility & weakness of the back stabilizers.
Remedy: Hipl flexibility excercises & core strengthening.

Knee Pain

Likely Cause: Poor hip & ankle mobility.
Remedy: Hip & ankle flexibility exercises, Quad and hip strengthening execises.

Foot/Plantar Fasciatis

Likely Cause: Ankle stiffness & improper shoe selecion.
Remedy: Ankle mobility exxercises & possible orthodics.

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