HydroWorx Pool

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Hydroworx is very effective in treating many health or chronic conditions as well as bringing relief. Learn how the weightlessness of water reduces stress on joints and increases mobility without pain. Hydroworx offers:

  • Resistance Therapy Jets

  • Spacious Underwater Treadmill

  • Hydromassage

  • Floor Raises and Lowers



After any type of surgery, increasing mobility is a top priority. Stiffness and loss of flexibility can quickly result from lack of use. Our fully adjustable resistance jets allow you to perform multiple activities at different intensity levels, increasing mobility in joints after surgery.

The weightlessness of the water reduces stress on joints and muscles, which allows rehabilitation to begin much sooner than on land. The treadmill increases from 0 to 5.5 mph in .2 mph increments so you may maintain an individualized, comfortable pace while receiving all of the health benefits of exercise. In addition, walking in water eliminates the fear of falling and/or re-injury.

4 out of the 5 subjects preferred to exercise in the HydroWorx pool vs. the land treadmill.

Overuse & Athletic Injuries

Hydroworx pools are a great way to rest and rehab your overused muscles or injuries while continuing to work out at an intense level. Some people prefer to supplement their land-based exercises with workouts in a Hyrdoworx pool since exercising in water reduces the stress on joints and muscles that happens with land-based exercises.

The buoyancy of water allows you to continue running on the underwater treadmill or do exercises against the resistance jets. This enables you to maintain your fitness level even when your muscles are fatigued or injured.

Chronic Pain

Relaxation is one of the most important aspects of controlling any type of chronic pain. Since it’s often difficult to locate the source of the pain, living with chronic pain means dealing with extra stress and frustration. The warm water of the Hyrdroworx pool brings relief by providing sensory stimulation to the entire body. This can help create kinesthetic awareness of the body, which aids in relaxation and stress relief.

Exercising has been proven to release endorphins to the brain while reducing pain and helping to heal the body. However, it’s hard to exercise if you’re in a constant state of discomfort. In the HydroWorx pool, even those in chronic pain can exercise since you’re only bearing 20% of your total body weight. This means the constant tension and pressure on your body and the stress on the joints and muscles is eliminated.

Weight Loss

The water is a great medium to exercise in if you’re interested in losing weight. A person generally burns 2 calories more per minute of activity in the water than on land. When standing chest deep in water, you are 80% weightless (you’re bearing only 20% of your weight). This weightlessness allows your body to easily perform exercises and movements that may be difficult to do on land. Being virtually weightless in the water means the pain and tension you may have felt while exercising on land will also decrease.

Neurological & Neuromuscular

Due to the nature of many neurological conditions, getting in and out of the pool can be complicated.

At about 60% weightlessness, therapists can focus on re-teaching lost motor skills.

The warm water of the Hydroworx pool provides sensory stimulation to the entire body helping to create kinesthetic awareness of the body. This can help with pain management for those with multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. By localizing the areas of pain, warm water and a spa jet massage can help reduce overall discomfort. 

Arthritis & Fibromyalgia

Relaxation is one of the most important aspects of controlling arthritis and fibromyalgia. The warm water provides sensory stimulation, which increases kinesthetic awareness of the body, providing relaxation and stress relief. Combining warm water with a spa jet massage can greatly reduce the stress and pain of aching muscles and joints. Studies have shown that exercising in warm water can help to decrease the painful daily side effects of these two conditions. 

Technology advantages

Underwater Treadmill

The powered underwater treadmills (up to 8.5 mph) allow the user to correctly simulate land-based walking, running or sports-specific activities. Exercises such as walking, retro-walking, sprinting, shuffling, back-pedaling and plyometric activities are easily performed on the large treadmill surface. 



  • Rehab

  • Stroke

  • Arthritis

  • Balance

  • Total Joints

  • Sports Performance

  • Increase Speed